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    Facial Wrinkle Removal

    Sotorior™ is a highly effective treatment for various facial lines and wrinkles, offering a smoother and more youthful appearance. It targets forehead lines, glabellar folds, crow's feet, the periorbital zone, and nasolabial folds by relaxing the underlying muscles, resulting in reduced visibility of wrinkles and a more refreshed look. Regular Sotorior™ treatments enhance overall facial aesthetics, promoting self-confidence and natural beauty.

  • buy botulinum toxin cost wholesale price

    Normalizes sweating of palms

    Sotorior™ effectively reduces excessive hand sweating by temporarily blocking nerve signals to sweat glands, providing long-lasting relief and boosting confidence in social and professional interactions.

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    Armpits with hyperhidrosis

    Sotorior™ significantly decreases underarm sweating and body odor by inhibiting sweat gland activity, ensuring a more comfortable and confident lifestyle for individuals.

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